Afsoon’s Bewitching Journey “Searching for Myself in the Forest of Bewitchment”

“There is a whisper, a song in the annals of history, narrating tales of women – fierce, resilient, and magical. Afsoon, in her latest captivating odyssey, brings these whispers to life.”

As one strolls through ADVOCARTSY’s West Hollywood gallery this fall, one will be entranced by the Forest of Bewitchment – an intimate landscape wrought by the multi-faceted artist Afsoon. It is here, amongst linocut prints and intricate collages, where the past mingles with the future, held together by the delicate hands of the present.

Born amidst the dichotomies of Iran in the late ’60s and ’70s, Afsoon’s childhood was nestled in the warmth of tales and the intricate craftsmanship of dolls from far-flung worlds. The stillness of her formative years, the quiet observation of a world both ancient and young, informs her art today. We see this reflection as she ventures back into her earliest medium, linocut, for this exhibition. Every incision on the lino, every printed piece, is a step further into her psyche.

Afsoon’s journey is marked by the landscapes she has traversed and the rich tapestry of narratives she carries with her. The tales she brings to life in “Searching For Me In The Forest Of Bewitchment” are not mere retellings. They are imbued with the spirit of talismans and amulets, symbols of hope and protection, deeply rooted in Iranian culture. They echo the heroics of women – from the wittiness of Aunty Cockroach to the regality of Empress Borandukht.


Thus, I found women who were strong, funny, and bright. I read about women who were survivors. Women who wore out seven iron boots to get to where they wanted to go or looked for a partner who would treat them equally. I found women who asked questions even though they would be punished. Women who knew their worth and fought for it. I found poems praising women from all parts of the world, women of different races, ages and looks, but equal and united in their intelligence and knowledge.


This forest, teeming with allegories and interwoven tales, evokes an enthralling atmosphere. One can almost hear the flapping of wings and the chirping of birds that have been Afsoon’s eternal companions, bearing witness to her artistic sojourns. These feathery beings, always in transit, mirror her ever-evolving creative narrative.

Yet, within this intricate maze of tales and symbols, a pertinent question arises – where does Afsoon fit? How has the journey from that quiet, observant girl in Iran to the astute artist today transpired? The answer lies in the myriad of women in her tales. Each reflects a part of her, from the poetic protagonists to the forgotten empresses.

Afsoon’s artistic language, having been cultivated across continents, resonates with the fluidity of identities. The amalgamation of East and West, the tug of nostalgia, and the desire to chronicle her past all find expression in her work as she anchors herself in the landscapes of London, traces of Iran, and whispers of California echo in her pieces.

Join us at ADVOCARTSY on October 19th, where the heart of this forest beats, pulsating with stories, symbols, and the spirit of Afsoon. Here, you shall find not just art but echoes of centuries, whispers of tales, and a symphony of female resilience. This exhibition isn’t just an exhibition; it’s an invitation into Afsoon’s universe.

Ali Shahrokhi