Advocating for Change Through Art: The Work of Digital Illustrator Mahdis Nikou

Mahdis Nikou is an Iranian-born illustrator based in the UK. Mahdis advocates for mental health, female empowerment, and environmental issues through her bold and whimsical illustrations. Recently, she has turned her focus to amplifying the voices of the women-led Iranian revolution.

After the tragic death of Mehsa Zhina Amini, Mahdis dedicated her art to raising awareness about the human rights violations and protests occurring in Iran. She creates portraits that honor those who have lost their lives during the protests, including Nika Shakarami.
Through her expressive illustrations, Mahdis aims to educate and raise awareness about the situation in Iran, bringing to life the events, people, slogans, and emotions of the revolution.

Cover; Left; Let My Mother Know | Right; Nika Shakarami