Chloe Pourmorady

Chloe Pourmorady is a Persian-American violinist, vocalist, and composer best known for her wide range of musical expression spanning from western to modal music. A creative chameleon, Chloe writes pieces that are innovative and captivating to global audiences; no one piece resembles the last.

She holds two Independent Music Awards and collaborates most notably with the musicians in her ensemble (“Chloe Pourmorady Ensemble”), each of whom has a unique aesthetic. In addition to performing, Chloe is a dedicated teacher, working with both children and adults. She strives to be an advocate for peace through music, and a vessel for pure and evolving creative expression.

Album review – “Begin Majesty”:

Unapologetically creative and unafraid of fusion, Chloe Pourmorady is a master of juxtaposition. With pieces that are as grand as they are intimate, ethereal yet earthly, and ancient yet modern, her innovation is reflected in the cross-cultural ethos of her music. BEGIN MAJESTY, her first studio album, caters to a global audience. Chloe collaborates with a worldly Ensemble of musicians and utilizes Persian, Hebrew, Ladino, and English as languages of choice for her melodies. Chloe’s whimsical and energetic Ensemble bring a unique color to this musical masterpiece.

BEGIN MAJESTY is laced with beautiful Persian tar solos by Alexander Meimand, intricate percussion work by masters Ava Nahas and Jamie Papish, wailing clarinet lines of Zack Lodmer, groovy basslines of Ramin Abrams, the jazzy Argentinian touch of guitarist/producer Daniel Raijman, and the gypsy-classical-crossover violin playing of Chloe Pourmorady. Together they combine for a sound that is uniquely the Chloe Pourmorady Ensemble. On several tracks, her epic septet is also joined by LA-based Moroccan Hazzan Liran Kohn, a female choir, and heavenly string quartet.